Remembrances, Namesakes and New Beginnings

This past July 4th marked what would have been mom’s 92nd birthday. I was always so confident that she would live to her 90s, even while her condition deteriorated. I know. I was not being realistic but I was hopeful.

This holiday has become quite bittersweet for me. But I’m now able to remember all the wonderful birthdays of hers that we celebrated – watching the fireworks on the banks of the Trinity, my brother flying down and surprising her, celebrating her 89th birthday – her last – with our  future son – and daughter-in-law.

And now, we’ve been blessed once again with that one thing that mom so wanted to be present for –  her great-grandchildren. Four months after our first beautiful grandson entered our lives, comes another, and named after mom.

So welcome sweet, sweet little “L.” Welcome to the world and to our family, and know that you are named after a wonderful, fun and loving woman, and are so loved just like she was.



Happy Birthday, Mom!

For the past two years, July 4th has become a bittersweet holiday for me as this is also mom’s birthday. She would have been 91 today.

There’s not much to say except how much I miss and love her. A day does not go by that I don’t think about her.

So today, on what would have been mom’s 91st birthday, I just want to say, Happy Birthday, Mom. You are always in my thoughts and heart. I will love you forever.