Together Again

Last night I learned that T., mom’s love, passed away on Aug. 28. He was 99 and four months shy of turning 100. I was quite taken aback as to finding out one month later but totally understand. The funeral was in New Jersey, there were logistics to tend to and his daughter just couldn’t call at that time. We talked on the phone for about an hour last night reminiscing about him and how much he loved mom, me and my family. He passed peacefully in his wheelchair in front of the TV watching the Dolphins play on TV.

As a friend said, if there is an afterlife, he is with the two loves of his life. Amen to that.

The call also came at a time when my world has temporarily stopped.

To make a long story short, after complaining of headaches for several weeks (which she never gets) daughter L had an MRI of her left temporal lobe that showed a spot – 4 cm or about 1 1/2 inches. A biopsy last Monday revealed a lesion of abnormal tissue. She was also seen by an infectious disease doctor before her discharge.

I, like probably so many others, am a doctor’s nightmare as I quickly took to the internet to read up on brain lesions, microglial cells, etc. Well, our wait will shortly be over. We are meeting with the doctor tomorrow.

Until then…


4 thoughts on “Together Again

  1. Wow, what a tough time for you. Sorry for your loss and that you’re going through this. I also hope all goes well with your daughter. It’s so scary. I remember looking up all this stuff on the Internet when my mom was first diagnosed. It didn’t help and I felt helpless.

    I wish your daughter the best and for you my wish is strength and peace. You both are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care. (((HUGS)))

    • Thanks, Kathy. While we still don’t know what my daughter has, she is doing and feeling great. Up to 17 miles in her runs! Will have a better idea next month when she has a follow up MRI. I accept all and any hugs. Hope you are well.

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