Tracking Progress

It has now been one year, five months and four days since mom passed away.

The progress one makes in the grieving process can marked in many different ways. The marker for me is that when someone brings up mom’s name or makes a reference to her, I feel more in control. I can feel the emotions coming on and I can feel a glistening in my eyes, but I’m able to control it enough that the flood gates don’t open.

This realization of my progress happened yesterday when I went to my tailor to pick up some clothes I had altered.

My tailor loved mom, and mom was very fond of him. He would always mention how sweet she was and how she always had a smile on her face.

As I picked up my clothes he said in his Asian accent, “I miss your mom. She was always smiling.” I told him I missed her too, and we continued to talk a little about her. The fact that I was able to keep it together is a major milestone for me.

However, while typing this, it doesn’t keep my eyes from welling up.


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