A way with words

I’ve written often about T., mom’s companion of 26 years. In many ways he reminds me of my own father. T. is very well-read, is extremely articulate, has a great love for classical music, and is very loving.

Since mom passed away 16 months ago we’ve kept in touch through phone calls and emails. Conversations are never too long, just a call to say hi and see how each other is doing.

At 98, T. remains quite an amazing figure. He just never ceases to amaze me.

I recently sent him a link to a chamber music festival’s live webcasts so he could enjoy listening to it. I work as a volunteer, providing PR assistance for the Mimir Chamber Music Festival in July.  Mom loved the festival and always thoroughly enjoyed the concerts.

Upon receiving the webcast link, I promptly received an email from T. In response to my mention of how much mom enjoyed the festival, T. wrote, in his inimitable way, “If being loved was the only thing she needed to stay alive, she would be with us today.”

Tear ducts cued.


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