Hitting Milestones

It is now 15 1/2 months since mom’s passing. Along the way I have made progress and have had some setbacks in the grief process. This is expected.

Thoughts of mom still flood my mind while I’m driving. Perhaps because it’s alone and quiet time for me. Hindsight being twenty-twenty, I go over choices made and not made. This Monday morning quarterbacking always enters the picture and plagues me but not to the extent it has in the past. That’s progress.

Another bit of progress is that M. and I finally hooked up mom’s big flat screen TV – the TV she asked for shortly after Thanksgiving 2011, saying she needed a bigger screen. It is a very nice TV but it was too personal for me at the time to use it. Maybe because she barely got to enjoy it herself and I didn’t feel right about “enjoying” it. Whatever the reason, I’m OK now about it now.

Along the way my daughters have quietly been observing my progress or lack thereof.Case in point: A couple of weeks ago one of them asked if I had lost weight because the walking shorts I was wearing looked a little large. I replied, “No, they’re are nana’s.”

Well, that sent them rolling with laughter. “Mom!” D. declared. “You were doing so well. I think you’re regressing.” I countered that they just have to be taken in a little at the waist and was wearing a belt. I thought they looked fine.

Yes, I like to keep mom close to me be it with her clothes, her jewelry, pieces of her furniture, her paintings, and most importantly, thoughts of her.

That can never be taken from me.


3 thoughts on “Hitting Milestones

  1. Please continue to wear and enjoy the things that were your mom’s. I so wish I had more of my mom’s things, and I cherish beyond anything the few things I do have. You’re absolutely right – they can never be taken from you. XO

  2. Thank you, Loni. Regardless of the numbers of items we keep of our loved ones, they are all cherished mementos and carry wonderful memories.

  3. We gave away most of my Mum’s possessions, clothing, shoes, etc to charity shops ( against my wishes I might add ), but all the family have something of hers of remind us of her.
    I have a lock of her hair in a locket on a chain, which hangs just above my heart, and I think of her every day.
    There’s nothing wrong with keeping the memory of your mum close to you.
    Any way you can right now.
    love n hugs

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