After reading and hearing about so many stories of loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s/dementia, I’ve come to see how blessed mom and our family were.

Sure she had short-term and some long-term memory loss but the most important memory loss she never suffered from as so many do, was recognizing us. She always knew who we were.

When mom was in hospice and when T. would talk to her and sing her that funny and endearing song he made up about her, even though it became more difficult for mom to talk, she managed an, “Oh, Ted,” accompanied by a big smile.

Mom never experienced personality changes as many do. She remained the same, sweet, person she always was.

As I continue to reflect back on last year’s events about mom, I still question some things that I did and didn’t do, like spending more time with her during the week even though I worked. Was it right to move her into assisted living and not move her into a 2-bedroom apartment with a live-in aide? If I hadn’t moved her to AL then she wouldn’t have fallen and fractured her pelvis and the “beginning of the end”, as I call it, wouldn’t have happened.

But then, as Dr. K tried to explain to me, her condition would have gotten much worse; it appeared as though she had some TIAs and would likely have be on the path to eventually not recognizing us.

So, as I continue to try to fully accept events leading up to her passing, I thank my blessings everyday that she knew who we all were ’til the end and how much she was loved.


4 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. I was with my mom on the last night of her life. I had gone home but came back to help out my dad. When I had seen my mom a little earlier I wasn’t quite what she knew or understood. Most importantly she knew that her grandson had passed his black belt test – the one thing she had been waiting for. But did she know we were all there? When I walked into the bedroom later that night and said “hi Mom” she said my name. My mom knew I was there and that meant a lot to me.

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