Remembering Mom

I’m returning to this post two weeks after I started it.

The week of July 4 was a sad week.  Mom would have turned 90 on July 4.  She almost made it.

To celebrate her, I went to the cemetery, and then honored mom with her favorite pastime — shopping — something I really haven’t done in about seven months save for a stop in a store here  and there and the mandatory wedding shopping. I still haven’t been able to venture into one of her favorite stores.

Mom said on many occasions that “we’re living just too long.” Of course, that attitude also depends on your quality of life of which mom had a darn good one up until the spring of last year when symptoms of her dementia started getting worse. Still, she looked wonderful, was still blonde (thank you, Lan!) and certainly didn’t look her  89 years.

But the past 18 months to two years leading up to her passing this past February (the “D” word is still hard for me), she had too many visits to the hospital followed by lengthy rehab stays, which kind of broke her spirit a little.

But I don’t want to dwell on the sadness; it will always be there to a certain extent. I want to celebrate mom for the beautiful and wonderful person she was.

And will always be for me.

Mom, on her 89th birthday, July 4, 2011.

One thought on “Remembering Mom

  1. All types of anniversaries can be difficult when we’ve lost someone close to us, especially our mom. The last birthday I celebrated with my mom was her 65th birthday. We now release balloons on my mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day. These days were special when she was with us, and still special to me now. I also take the day of death her off from work. I hope things are easier for you. Take care, Kathy

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