Packing it up, part 1

This post has been stop and go for two weeks.

As I head into my fifth month without mom I feel as though some healing has begun. And yes, I feel a little guilty about starting to actually feel that way. But I think it’s a normal feeling.

Other than my usual Pilates class on Saturday mornings, I stayed  home the entire day. It was way too hot to be running errands. That was saved for Sunday, an equally hot day and our first day to reach 100-degrees!

On Saturday, while M. was at a Rangers baseball game, I decided it was time, time to bag mom’s clothes as I looked into the room with Charlie laying on the clothes. It was bittersweet as I gently refolded items that Charlie messed up from laying on and hiding his chews between and underneath. All said, I unearthed 4 chews! I also managed to pick up an additional couple of clothing items for myself.

Mom LOVED to shop, and her collection quite proved it – 5 bags worth, not counting shoes – with a little left over for a 6th bag.

As I folded the clothes and placed them into the bag I intermittently put an item up to my nose to breathe in her scent.

It was still there.


2 thoughts on “Packing it up, part 1

  1. I’m at 6 months without Mom and I agree, things are moving forward. The waves of grief don’t come as often as they did, yet they can still shock me with their power and throw me off balance. Enjoy your Moms scent. I don’t have anything that smells like her anymore.

  2. You are so right. But when those waves of grief hit they hit like a tsunami. And I I’ve been feeling them a little more lately. Probably because mom’s birthday is coming up. She would have turned 90 on July 4, with a big family celebration. Thank you for your post and glad you are able to make those steps moving forward. It is definitely a journey.

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