Dear Mom

This past Saturday marked a month that you left us, and I miss you every day. It’s so hard to believe that you’ve been gone for an entire month, but a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of you.

I look down at my toes with your nail polish color on them and I’m comforted. I feel like I’m looking at your toes when I helped you put your knee-high stockings on. I wear your diamond wedding band that you gave me for my 40th birthday. And I wear your “Loved” bracelet that your beloved T. gave to you.

I was in Houston this past weekend to help D. make her final decision on her wedding dress – your special gift to her. Well, she said “Yes to a dress!” and I find it so fitting that it was on your one-month anniversary. You were with us that day.

In coping with my grief and loss, I am finding there are things in everyday life that you stay a constant part of.

And I know you’ll be with us on D’s wedding day.

I love you, always.


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