Why I Love Lucy

I love Lucy because:

1. She was a great mother.
2. She was easy to talk to.
3. She loved her family.
4. She gave me wonderful advice.
5. She was beautiful inside and out, although she had a subtle stubborn streak.
6. She was great company.
7. She was fun to shop with.
8. She was a good listener.
9. She was nurturing without smothering.
10. She was always 99% right (sometimes annoying!)
11. She had a great sense of style.
12. She was an incredible and talented sewer.
13. She eventually let my dachshunds Joplin and Charlie put their heads on her pillow (she never really had a choice).
14. She was my friend.
15. She was always supportive.
16. I just loved her company and loved being with her.


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