Channeling Mom

It’s hard to believe that mom passed away a week ago today. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that.

This past week we emptied out her apartment – furniture and clothes. Some of the furniture went to Samaritan House, some went to my house and three dressers and a table are in storage. It was hard. My brother and daughter helped on Monday, my friend and daughter helped on Tues. Wednesday was tough as I was there by myself. I thank my BFF C., brother and daughter L. for their help and guidance as I found out that I have hoarding tendencies. Yesterday M. helped with the remainder of the items and we put them in storage.

I know I’m not ready to fully let go because:
1) I started putting on her after-shower lotion – the scent reminds me of her.
2) I went to her pedicurist for a pedicure and used her color nail polish.
3) I’m wearing one of her warm-up suits as I type this; we wore the same size.

Today, I have the task of doing inventory on all of her clothes, shoes, handbags.

I still can’t believe she’s gone. I miss her so. I know I have to move on but in due time.


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