The long good-bye continues

Mom has defied the hospice staff so they have stopped predicting, although today there are very much telltale signs of which I will not go into detail.

She has now lapsed into a coma and is resting very peacefully. I told my brother to make plans to fly down tomorrow, which will mark three weeks – just as Dr. K. predicted on Jan. 20, but later in the day told him to hold off until I call him. Dying is not a precise science.

Mom’s fortitude is quite amazing. What many don’t know is that both my mom and grandmother had a stubborn streak. Not a big one, but enough of one.

The ever wonderful Dr. K. called hospice today to see how both mom and myself are doing.

This last week has been particularly emotionally draining on me. I even left about an hour earlier than I normally do. I simply cannot see mom like this. This is  definitely not her as I remember her nor do I want to remember her this way

So please forgive me, mom. I might get in a little later than usual tomorrow. I know you would not want me to suffer like this and it is just too painful for me to see you – my beautiful mother – like this. I know you know I will love you forever.


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