Catching up with the good and the not so good

I’ve been gathering my thoughts lately – the reason for my absence.

There’s been a lot of wonderful excitement coupled with sad anticipation.

First the good news – D. got engaged Wednesday to S., a wonderful guy from a wonderful family. We’ve known about the pending proposal since early morning Dec. 31. Because of conflicts, we all decided the best time was on Wed., Jan. 11, S.’s birthday, figuring that since it was mid-week and his birthday plus they were both coming up to Dallas for a wedding this weekend, D. would not have no anticipation of it. And we were right.

The proposal was a wonderful surprise as well as all of our immediate family surprising D. at S.’s parent’s house. Congrats to this special couple!

With happiness comes sadness, and that sadness takes the form of my mom.

Things have not been going well since her discharged from rehab some 3 weeks ago. We’ve had some disturbing and sorrowful revelations of which I’m not going to go into detail. Suffice to say mom’s condition has worsened a bit. There is something definitely going on. What’s worse is that she is aware of it. Thankfully or not – whichever way you want to look at it — a UTI was ruled out.

I’ve increased her personal assistance care to three hours in the morning while continuing her bedtime assistance but changing the time. However, I’m apparently having some aide issues again and placed a phone call to the service.

Along with my husband, we spent the day in Dallas today, visiting with my son and his gf at their new apartment as well as seeing D. and S., who are in for a wedding.

Mom had a little slow start this morning and did ok, but definitely needs assistance with daily hygiene. She is also walking very slowly, even with her walker, and tires easily.

I’m hoping to speak with Dr. K. this week.




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