Mental Fatigue

I’m mentally exhausted.

I’ve been concerned about mom since her return to Assisted Living and her ability to do certain things on her own from what I’ve seen. There has definitely been some cognitive decline and this naturally concerns me.

Mom has had episodes of low oxygen levels that naturally cause her to get a little dizzy but to also lose leg strength, where her legs just buckle under her. This happened to her last week during PT and on Saturday when we were out, and required her to be on O2 for the rest of the day and night. She was better on Sunday.

I had a lengthy talk with Dr. K. this morning about these things and other concerns. She’s requested her current meds since the hospital changed doses on some of her BP meds to get her pressure under control. And any change in meds or the introduction of new ones can definitely have an effect on someone’s fragile physiological state like mom’s. She’s also ordering more regular breathing treatments.

Dr. K. agreed that it’s still too early to tell anything definitely since mom is still undergoing a recovery phase from her most recent hosp/rehab stay, but there has definitely been a cognitive decline in her functioning. In fact, for mom, every three days back in her normal environment is the equivalent of one day for a “normal” person, so this is going to be a long recovery phase. Dr. K. also agreed and recommended that mom get some assistance during this period. It might even be indefinite, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Thankfully, Dr. K walks on water for mom and she can do or say no wrong. When I told mom about getting a companion to help assist her in the morning and at bedtime, she kind of grunted. But when I said that Dr. K. strongly recommended it, mom said, “OK.”

I also spoke to AL’s activities director to talk about encouraging mom to get involved in some of their programs and as a relatively new resident, to just do a little more hand holding while she acclimates to yet another new environment. She was sympathetic and receptive.

We’ll see how things go and hope for the best.


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