The good samaritan

I’ve noticed something late in my life about mom.

I always knew she was a good person – caring and good-hearted, but I wonder if we all see these attributes because they are our parents, our moms, and after all, that’s how we expect them to be.

As a child or even as a young adult, we either just don’t see certain things in our parents because the situation doesn’t present itself or we just aren’t aware.

I essentially moved away from home when I was 18. I went away to college, moved to Atlanta shortly after graduating and by today’s standards, got married young at 23. I’ve lived away from my family ever since.

But I recently got a real good glimpse of the wonderful woman my mom truly is, first while in rehab last year and recently.

While in rehab last year recovering from a bout of pneumonia, mom befriended and became friends with a woman who appeared to be alone. Miss E. just seemed like a lost soul and mom reached out to her. Now, mom is not a religious person and totally not into “the good lord…” type of stuff. Miss E. apparently was and when she would see mom she would tell her how much she loved her and how the good lord was looking over her. She even gave mom a friendship ring. Unfortunately, like what often happens when patients get discharged, you lose contact. But the point is, how many times do we just not want to be bothered and simply stay close within ourselves? Mom reached out to someone who didn’t have anyone and gave of herself.

Perhaps I dwell on this because mom was never the social butterfly. Was never an organizational-type person involved in all kinds of community activities. She had her close circle of friends and stuck to that. So I see this gesture of hers as stepping out of her comfort zone, out of her box. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is my perception.

I’ve seen this again since mom’s been back in Assisted Living.

Mom is not thrilled with the table she was assigned to in the dining room and we’re trying to get her moved. She complains that the three other ladies don’t talk and there’s very little conversation unless she starts it. Mom says that one lady actually seems to have great difficulty in talking.

What so irritated mom is that this lady was clearly trying to ask for help with something and the ladies didn’t respond. Not mom. She tried to see what it was she wanted and pretty much chastised the other ladies for not helping, saying things like, “Why don’t you help her?” Now, they have started to respond to when she’s wanting something.

That’s my mom!


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