One hot mama!

One my very first posts was on senior love where I described the beautiful love between mom and T. (who turns 97 in nine days!) and how it’s not just for the young.

Mom told me about a phone call she got last night. Not from T. but from H., her next door neighbor in Florida and whose wife mom was very close friends with. She unfortunately died many, many years ago from cancer.

H. moved to New Jersey to be near family around the same time mom moved to Texas. We all think H. had a thing for mom. T. included,  but mom’s heart was with T. In fact, I remember visiting one time. Mom, T. and I were at the clubhouse having brunch and H. came over to say hi. After he left, T. proclaimed, “He’s just waiting for me to kick off! That was maybe about eight or nine years ago, when T. was a spritely 88 or 89. Mom and I still laugh about it.

When mom told me of H.’s phone call, my first reaction was, “I’m glad to see he’s still around!” That was her feeling too. Through the wonders of technology and the internet, H. was able to find mom’s phone number. They caught up on each other’s family and had a nice visit.

Guess who called shortly after. You guessed it — T! When mom told him of the call, he once again, replied, “He’s still waiting for me to kick off!”

We both had a good laugh.


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