Home sweet home? We’ll get there

Mom got discharged from rehab early Wednesday morning. I decided to stop by on my way to work. When I arrived at 8:30 a..m., I didn’t expect her be moved right then and there but when I asked when she could be discharged I was told, “Whenever you’re ready.” So, as long as I was there we did it right after her OT session.

I think it was a little disorienting for her but I tried to get her familiar with certain things like where her lingerie chest is. In IL it was in her closet, in AL it’s in her bathroom.

This weekend I will change some things around so it will be easier for her. For instance, yesterday morning I met mom at her regular check up with Dr. K. (which went well). When I lightly ran my hand across her bottom I joked, “Ooooh, you’re wearing your ‘big girl’ panties,” as opposed to the bulky Depends she wore in rehab. To my horror, mom was going commando!

Me: “Mom, you don’t have any underwear on!”
Mom: “I couldn’t find them.”

Deep breath…Pause….Sigh… I reminded her where they are but this weekend I will move her underwear, socks, etc. to a different dresser that is closer to her bed and her other clothes.

We learn. We adapt.


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