Yes? No? Maybe? Yes!

First it was yesterday. Then maybe Wednesday. Then Friday. Now Wednesday.

I’m talking about mom’s discharge from rehab. I think I have had some lapses lately in my judgment about an understanding on my part of what mom is capable of remembering about decisions she has made. Essentially, I have to coax her on some decisions.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, mom seemed a little hesitant about her discharge and about wanting to go back to her apartment in Assisted Living. I do believe that she confused the two places and her desire to return to her apartment came out as her wanting to stay in rehab.

However, when M., Assisted Living’s director spoke with mom yesterday, she again voiced some hesitation. When M. asked what her concerns were, mom said she didn’t have any friends there. This is not true. She knows several people there and has seen them on and off from visits to her apartment downstairs and some programs they’ve had.

I don’t think I’m covering up for mom when I say that in a short period she has gone through several changes and with her condition it can certainly cause confusion. She was in Assisted Living for only two days when she had her fall. A four-day hospital stay was followed by a two-month stint in rehab. Even though rehab was in the same senior living complex where she lives and is one floor above her apartment, it is still a lot change.

So, I just got off the phone with mom, talked about her discharge tomorrow and she is ready, willing and able.

Here’s to tomorrow then!


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