Bustin’ Out? Not so fast!

It’s done! Plans are made to spring mom from two months of rehab and move her back into her new apartment in Assisted Living.

After several talks with her terrific PT and an honest talk with mom, I’ve decided, in consult with some friends and family, that it’s time for the move.

As discussed with mom’s PT,  safety is always a concern. And you know what, she will never be 100 percent safe. Are any of us really? OK, yes, she has a bigger risk factor but that’s the reality.

I wrote the above on Friday. Today is Sunday. So much can change in less than a couple of hours.

Mom and I went downstairs to her apartment in Assisted Living this afternoon to familiarize her with it, again, and to “winterize” it. I put her heavier comforter on the bed and took summer clothes out of her closet. Not sure if she seemed a little confused, maybe a bit wary of “living on her own” again. Of course she won’t be on her own but I sensed some hesitancy about moving out of the “safe” confines of rehab. I assured her she wouldn’t be alone, that she would be getting home health care and all her needs would be met. She nodded ok.

At dinner however, she decided she didn’t want to leave rehab yet. I said fine, she could stay a little while longer — be it a couple of days or an extra week; there is still plenty of time left on Medicare. So, I spoke to the nurse who was contacting the social worker who was going to call me in the morning.

Latter this evening, however, I spoke to mom again and she decided she did want to leave. I’m not at all surprised by her change of mind, but instead of leaving on Monday, I suggested Wednesday or she could even stay the week if she wanted.

It will be Wednesday.


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