The dark side of Thanksgiving


When angered, frustrated, flustered and the like, we’ve always been told count to 10 before saying or doing anything. I found myself counting several times today as I, like others I’m sure, scurried to finish up any last-minute Thanksgiving shopping.

It’s actually the first time in three years that I’m actually cooking a full Thanksgiving dinner since we’ve been going to friends (who are out of town this year), so my organization skills might be a little rusty.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Thanksgiving. It’s probably my favorite holiday because it’s so family-centric. I love having the family all together –  my brother, niece and nephew from New York (althought the latter two will be absent this year – first time in 16 years!)  my kids and their significant others and of course, mom, and my husband. I have wonderful memories of Thanksgivings past while growing up.

But I digress. I really have only myself to blame for bringing on this pre-holiday angst. I went to no less than five stores to get all my shopping done. Yes, I knew it was a suicidal mission to go to Central Market just to get my Pumpkin Tree and to hassle the traffic – everywhere!  But look at how pretty it is!

It would be so helpful if cars would just drive the speed limit so I wouldn’t miss the light, not to mention people strolling with their shopping carts in the stores. To see me in action there was no mistaking I was on a mission — to get in and out as quickly as possible.

And when I got home I sprung into action.

I made my mandel brodt cookies and my fail-safe Williams-Sonoma apple recipe. But my multi-tasking resulted in using Gala instead of Granny Smith apples. I hope it still tastes as good as it looks.

And new to my menu this year is homemade stuffing made with challah bread. It’s actually turned into a hybrid recipe combining our friend J.’s mother’s and some others I scoured on the internet. I’ve been waiting for my cut-up cubes of challah to get stale since Sunday! It’s my son’s favorite so I hope I do it justice.

Bon Appetit!


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