Seniors are not dead!

Over the weekend, after mom’s day of beauty at the hair salon, I mentioned that we went to the mall in search of a new lip color since Estee Lauder discontinued her Hot Chili lipstick.

While the young woman who assisted us was very nice and very helpful, and did find a near match but in a glossy/shine finish, she said something that really bothered me and taken aback by.  I know she didn’t mean anything by it and it was innocently intended but it’s been festering in me for days.

She said, “It’s great that you’re still interested in make-up.”

Hello? Why wouldn’t she be? Does age dictate whether you should have an interest in your appearance? C’mon!

I might be a bit more sensitive not only because it was my mother but because I spend spent a lot of time now around seniors, particularly while my mom is in the last days of her rehab.

There are a number of people recuperating from worse things than my mom. And their appearance may not be their best, but they are people. Heck, my mom hasn’t always looked her best in rehab, but they are all living and breathing human beings with feelings. We aren’t always able to choose our own destiny.

Anyway, not sure if we’re going to keep the lip gloss. Mom is trying to salvage the last bit of her beloved Hot Chili.

When I found out earlier year that Estee was discontinuing it and it was no longer available in our local stores, I immediately sought action on the internet. Estee has a great department for discontinued items appropriately called, “Gone But Not Forgotten,” where they will scour sources for you. I already used this service and got three new lipsticks. I now need more.

For the hardcore, of which I can sometimes be but not this time, two sites on eBay are offering it as a “Buy Now” for a crazy $31 and $47.89! I’m also watching two bids, which are at a more reasonable $10.31 and $17.75; the bidding ends tomorrow at which time I will try to go in for the kill.

As a past eBay bidder, I’ve learned there’s an art to online bidding.


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