A good day!

Today was a good day and drastically different from last weekend when mom ran a low-grade fever and wound up having a UTI.

Before heading out with walker in tow, I helped mom with her make-up and took her to the hair salon where she had the works — color, scalp treatment, cut and style. She looked like a million bucks. Afterwards we went out to lunch, then to the mall, and back to my house where she and T. had a web chat.

It’s pure joy to watch those two connect through the miracle of technology. The love between them is really indescribable. In almost a month, T. will turn 97. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I repeat myself because it’s true — he is an absolutely amazing man. Really one-of-a-kind, and they are both so lucky to share this deep, deep love and affection they have for another.

Afterwards, I took mom back to the rehab center. Before dinner we went downstairs to her apartment to pick something up. When we got back upstairs mom seemed a little confused about why she was there and said she doesn’t even remember moving into the Assisted Living apartment downstairs. That revelation was disturbing to me but in reality, she’s only been in that apartment for two days. She has spent  the rest of the time in the hospital and in rehab. But, I know her lack of remembering has to do with her dementia. I accept that. I have too.

I do what I do because of one thing. I love my mom.


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