A minor setback :-(

After doing so well, this past weekend was not a great one.

Mom came down with a low-grade fever on Saturday and was naturally very lethargic, sleeping for most of the afternoon. Sounds like she has a cold and cough.

She seemed a bit better on Sunday but still not up to going out. I went home to take care of a few things and went back at dinner time. We were not in the dining room for more than five minutes when mom complained of chills and then started shaking all  over. The color of her face drained and her lips turned a greyish blue while shivering.

I got a nurse and took her to her room. Still sitting her wheelchair, I wrapped a blanket around her while hugging her behind to try to keep her warm. I will not lie. It was scary. She looked like a ghost.

Her BP and temperature were normal. We got her into bed and covered her with blankets. It must have been a good 15 minutes until her shivering stopped and we slowly stripped the extra bedding from her.

Thankfully I was there and the nurse was able to get a hold of Dr. K., her doctor, who was a bit concerned. Suspecting some type of infection, mom got an antibiotic shot, chest x-ray, urinalysis and a full CBC was done Monday morning.

Turns out mom has a UTI. Everyday she’s doing better and sounds better, thank goodness. Neither of us, particularly mom, wants to experience that again.


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