This and That

I must be handling things better lately since I don’t always feel compelled to take it out on my keyboard. As I previously posted, when mom has a good day I have a good day. And I must say, mom is having good days (“knock on wood”).

I admire her upbeat, positive attitude. I just love the  excitement she shows when she’s had a great day of PT (which is lately). Like a little kid who has brought home a school paper with gold stars on it, mom is equally proud of her accomplishments.

To mark her progress, she is no longer in the big wheelchair but the one where you self-propel it with your feet. We both look forward to the day — hopefully really soon — when her primary mode of transportation is the walker.

Mom is now entering her fourth week of therapy and I’m praying that she will be able to get discharged next week. But, I know, safety is the #1 priority and I constantly remind her about that.

I guess on one level, she is marking her readiness by the discharges of several patients with whom she has become friends with. Today the latest one, who was her neighbor in Independent Living (IL), got discharged so now she needs to find new dining partners. Therapy and dining are the two big social times of the day when you’re with other people and not just sitting in your room, so it’s important that you’re matched with people similar to you at dinner. I’ll find that out tonight when I visit her after work.

M. and I will be out-of-town this weekend for a big event. When I see mom tonight I plan on bringing some cookies or a fruit tray for the nurses station. Yeah, maybe it’s a soft bribe to make sure mom is adequately looked after, but they are a nice bunch and I really do appreciate them and their attentiveness toward her. Sure, that’s their job, but…

Oh, the big event? One of my daughters, L., is running the NYC Marathon on Sunday! Her twin sister, D. (they’re fraternal), ran it in 2007, and the family will be there en force to cheer her on.

Can’t wait! Below is D. after her Marathon finish.


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