Happy Halloweenie and other things!

You all know how nuts I am about my doxie, Charlie aka Charlie Boy! He is my stress-buster.

Some, like my brother, might view this as animal abuse, but Charlie’s a good sport and well, it’s Halloween. It’s all about the costumes!I was going to boycott Halloween this year because: 1) haven’t really been in the mood  and 2) we just don’t get that many kids anymore. But, M. wanted to know where all the Halloween decorations were and when I told him my plans I was vetoed. So, yesterday, up went the decorations and candy was bought.

It was also a busy day of Halloween activities for mom. There was music, a party, and food. It pretty much exhausted her that when I went to see her after work she had dinner delivered to her room.

She is doing really well. I was able to take her to my house for a visit yesterday and she welcomed the change of scenery. I have her own wheelchair at my house so we used that. Even though she is now allowed to put full weight on her leg as tolerated, it was a bit difficult without her walker. M. and I just supported her when she walked but the wheelchair was easier and safer. She’ll probably stay in rehab for another two weeks.

And, we had about 10 Trick or Treaters.

Happy Halloween!


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