We all survived!

I was slightly anxious about leaving mom this past weekend, but we all survived.

You know how you’re always told, “If you get sick and you have to go the hospital, make sure it’s not on the weekend.” Same things holds true for most medical settings. Fewer staff on weekends = less attentive care.

M. and I went to Houston this weekend to visit D. and S. Friday morning I stopped by to see mom before we left and like I did the night before, reminded the staff that I would be gone this weekend and probably wouldn’t be back until early Sunday afternoon. I wanted to make sure that mom was looked after, got to her meals on time, dressed and washed for bed at night (since I basically helped her with that function since I was there in the evenings).

It all worked out fine. Of course I checked in with her during the day and she reported that one of the aides came in several times to check on her. My friend D. also stopped by as did one of mom’s friends in AL. That made me happy and relieved.

Not only did mom and I survive the weekend but so did Charlie, who came to Houston with us and is an excellent traveler, riding in his favorite position – backwards, sitting on my lap with face and front paws on the console. After a short-lived “chew” possession spat with cousin doxie, Rue, Charlie and his host became fast buddies. I also love S.’s doggie cam so we could check in on the boys.


And, I would be remiss not to give a big doggie welcome to friend and fellow animal lover D.’s new pooch – nine-week old Gabby, an adorable, chocolate lab/German pointer mix.


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