Having a Barbara Walters moment

Thank you, C., for encouraging me to seek Dr. R.’s counseling. She does help.

Matching thank you notes for the Robot Spacema...

Image by Dot D via Flickr

Her counseling makes me look at certain things with a different perspective. I know C. thinks I should see her regularly and I so appreciate her love and concern but for now, I’m fine with seeing Dr. R. on an “as-needed” basis.

But, she made me cry! She made me have a Barbara Walters moment and I don’t think I’ve cried in about two weeks! It wasn’t a bad cry but an emotional release cry, something I guess I needed and was harboring inside. I mean, how else would it have come out so easily.

Dr. R. gives me perspective and offers me a more introspective look into how I relate/react to mom’s dementia. I know I do what I do because her condition makes her vulnerable and I just want to protect her and make sure she’s safe.

Mom complained again about the alarm sensors I have on her bed and wheelchair but I told her I have them there not only for her safety but for my piece of mind – an encore conversation.

Overall, it was another good day for her, which means it was a good day for me. She had a manicure, C., her speech therapist, stopped by for a visit, and she enjoys the company of the ladies she eats her meals with. And, dinner was good tonight.

Life is good; it’s all relative.


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