Sound the alarm!

I’m happy to report that mom is doing great. She’s working hard with her physical therapy but more importantly, she is enjoying it and has a positive attitude.

This makes me wonder if she would have been better served by going to a rehab hospital where the therapy is more aggressive and about three hours a day vs. the one-hour she’s getting now. There I go again with the “what ifs.” I’ve got to stop that!

Mom thinks she’s doing so great that she can attempt getting out of bed and her wheelchair by herself. I’ve caught her in the act a couple of times when I’ve been there.

I have repeatedly told her she cannot do this. It will only take one misstep or fall and she’ll be back to zero. So, after speaking with the nursing staff I had them install an alarm sensor to her bed and wheelchair that will go off when she gets up. Yes, she thinks this is ridiculous but it’s not going away until she is ready to get up without assistance. I mean, she hasn’t even transitioned to a walker yet, so this is how it is for now.


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