Overcoming hurdles


You get over one hurdle and then there’s another. That’s life.

Overall, I’m grateful mom is doing pretty well. We’re heading into week 2, and her therapy appears to going well. She also has a pretty good attitude. I’ve had to remind her that when she’s in the bathroom she needs to pull the chord by the toilet for assistance and to not get up on her own!  The aides are normally nearby but while there on Sunday I peeked in and there she was standing on her own! At least she’s getting stronger but I don’t need her back in the hospital.

I’m back to feeling blah lately. I’ve come to realize I thrive on activity and constant motion, not sitting at a desk for most of the day in front of the computer. I’ve always said I don’t know how to relax and always have to be doing something.

I’m still going through feelings of “if only I had…” I can’t help it. If I had made other decisions mom would not be in rehab. I know I’ll eventually work it through, it’s just going to take time. So long as mom is doing well, feeling good and looking good, I’ll take that for now.

I stopped by to see her after my Pilates class tonight (Thanks, K., for a great class; I needed it). It was about an hour later than I normally get there and she seemed tired and a little confused. She was in her wheelchair and headed for the bathroom — without calling an aide to help her.

I reiterated to her that she is not allowed to get out of bed or out of the wheelchair without help since she is still not allowed to put any weight on her right leg. She sort of shrugged it off. So, I had her use her call button and an aide came. I also reminded her that she is not sick; she is mending a broken bone. She made a comment, “Well, if this isn’t sick…” I reassured her she is not sickly.

I get pretty anxious when I see her in this kind of  state. It didn’t make things better when after she brushed her teeth I gave her night cream for her face and it disappeared in her mouth. I don’t know what she thought I was giving her. She has also developed some fever blisters on her bottom lip and brought that to the attention of the nurse. I’ll be checking in tomorrow to see if it was taken care of.

Tomorrow she’s having her hair done and that will hopefully make her feel better. I’m also going to bring Charlie up tomorrow night to play therapy dog. He had his Kiehls bath tonight so I know he’s ready.


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