Is it too much to ask for a break?

If it’s not one thing it’s another. I really feel as though I’m being tested for some reason.

While I was on the verge of quitting my job, being back at work after being away for an exhausting physically and mentally six days is actually my best medicine for distraction and focusing on other things. Thank you C. for comforting me this morning. I know you know it’s been an emotional ride.

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So, today’s agenda included catching up on a gazillion emails, once again addressing the argument of whether Bhut Jolokia is still the world’s hottest chile pepper (it is!),  a trip to the hand doctor and a steroid injection for my newly discovered left arthritic thumb joint that is more painful post-shot, and a much-needed Pilates class after work.

I finally got a hold of mom after lunch. She seemed a little fuzzy due to the pain meds. Mom’s speech therapist, C., visited her this morning and told me that mom said she just didn’t feel like herself, most likely due to the pain meds. I spoke to the nurse on duty who told me she was given two pain pills – hydrocodone 5/325, the lower dose — at breakfast. She said she was crying this morning, the pain was that bad. I also spoke to the doctor this evening and decided to ration her pain meds to one pill at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and see how she does on that.

After Pilates I went up to see mom. She is now in a private room. I helped her get ready for bed and went to her apartment downstairs to get her own pillow.

I must say the staff has been great, and again, some on this evening’s shift remember her from last year and she, them, which makes it nice.

So, I’m not home five minutes and Charlie doesn’t greet me at the door like he normally does. In fact, he won’t get off the couch in the TV room. He also didn’t eat his dinner.

While his tag was wagging wildly he still didn’t move off the couch. Coaxing him didn’t even help. I tried to pick him up and he yelped. I called my husband who also tried to lift him and he cried. I gently scooped him up and placed him gingerly on the ground outside to see if he could walk. It looked like was limping a little so away to the emergency vet we went.

At the ER, poor thing was simply vibrating with anxiousness. I put him on the floor and he started walking fine but still had the vet look at him.

From the examination, the vet could tell there was some tenderness to Charlie’s lumbar region, as he tensed up when touched there. Dachshunds are known for problems in this area. He was walking fine when placed on the floor. Still, he’s on two pain meds. Hopefully this will not develop into anything worse.We will have to try to keep him fairly inactive for about 10 days to two weeks.

Good luck to us!


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