Not exactly the way I wanted to start the Jewish New Year

blowing the shofar (by Alphonse Lévy)
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Wow, what a three days this has been. I started this post three days ago on Tuesday. Exhaustion, both physical and mental, doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. Maybe numb. Not exactly the kind of Rosh Hashanah I anticipated.

I’m way too tired to even try to edit, tweak and update my first draft so here’s the short version:

Tuesday/Wednesday – successful AL move in for mom. It was a bitch of a move because despite movers, I still had to handle the back and forth of miscellaneous things and finally, totally clear everything out of the apartment. Her new place looks awesome and even better, she’s happy there and it’s only been two days!

Wednesday – between the moving, I baked desert and cooked my brisket for Rosh Hashanah lunch at my house on Thursday, set the table, etc.

Thursday – Made another brisket before picking mom up. While we walked to the car in the parking lot I saw it was going to be difficult for mom to get in on the passenger side. There was a little dip in the path so I told her to stay put and to not move while I re-angled the car. She says she didn’t hear me and before I know it, mom is on the hard cement and in pain. I mean she rarely walks without my arm wrapped around hers. A trip to the ER revealed a fractured pelvis, specifically her right pelvic ramus.

But before all of this happened, we got a phone call this morning informing us that my husband’s cousin who he is close with, died last night of a heart attack. He just turned 49 on Saturday. They last spoke on Monday. A total shock. Then mom’s fall. You know the saying of how things come in threes? I was afraid to see what #3 had in store for us. My husband informed me #3 happened – in the form of a business deal. But hopefully it’s just a little bump to be fixed. If so, I hope something else isn’t lurking around the corner.

At least I have another “new year” — 2012 — to look forward to.


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