I love weddings!

And they say New York never sleeps? Try Vegas! This city is insane. It is sensory overload to the nth degree!

It was a fun and special weekend for the wedding of my best friend of 31 years C., and J. and to see some good friends who moved away. This was no ordinary courtship. C. and J. have been together for 18 years! So why now? Why not?

We stayed at the magnificent Wynn. What a beautiful hotel, and our room was great – spacious and airy and on the 26th floor with a spectacular view.

First on the agenda to go to dinner with our nephew who lives in Vegas and to sink my teeth into some good deli. That was found in a pastrami sandwich at the Carnegie Deli. Bliss!

I loved being a part of the wedding from helping to supervise the laying out of the chuppah cover that C., who is a master knitter, knitted, to helping

her move to a special suite that J. surprised her with (yeah, he’s that kind of guy) to being with her in the salon while getting her hair done to being with her and her daughter, L., in those last last moments to give her moral support before she once again became a “Mrs.”

So happy married life! Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness. And since C. and I are more like sisters than some real sisters actually are, welcome to the family, J! I am happy to finally and officially call you “brother-in-law!”


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