Dove knows me like no other chocolate

Before describing my day, let me just say Dove chocolate amazingly knows what I need. After coming home from a somewhat harried day, I went into the freezer for a Dove dark chocolate. Frozen chocolate is the best if you haven’t tried it.

Inside each Dove wrapper is a message. The first message said:

How prophetic, I thought. Not only did the chocolate hit the spot but so did the message. So, I just had to have another and see if its message was equally prophetic. It was:

Wow! These chocolates know me! I decided to stop at two.

I laughed because both messages described my thoughts exactly. However, that  advice I will just have to put on hold for a bit.

Following a fun 35th anniversary lunch for the PR company I work at, we were given the rest of the day off. That meant running errands, checking mom’s new apartment and seeing mom after we had a confusing conversation this morning that left me frustrated. I still need to work on not letting certain things that can’t be helped get to me, as I had a couple of mini meltdowns this week. Naturally followed by feelings of guilt.

I found a new phone for mom with big numbers that will easier to use than her portable phone. Then I went to look at the new apartment’s remodel. I was previously cautioned by AL’s executive director that the walls didn’t exactly look white (which I requested) and when she checked with the painters they said they used “Divine White.”

Well, there is nothing divine about this white. Clearly, just because the word “white” is part of the color’s name doesn’t mean it is white. It was beige. So I stopped by her office and told her the walls need to be repainted. Now, with four days until mom moves in, the walls and trim need repainting…and fast!

I visited with mom, who was in great spirits, but seemed a little confused about what day it was, wanting to know where I was all day. I told her I worked in the morning and that it’s Friday, despite a  calendar hanging on her wall. She’s been getting her days mixed up  a bit lately.

When I got home, out of curiousity, I googled, “How many shades of white are there.” My wiki answer: “There are billions of different shades of white in the world although there are only 80 major ones.” Well, Divine White is not one of them in my book. However, according to a sample white color chart below, it sure is.

Now, it’s time to pack for a weekend jaunt to Vegas to watch C. & J. get married and try to relax a little before the frantics of next week: moving mom and preparing for Rosh Hashanah; I have 10 coming for lunch.

L’Shanah Tova!


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