Lost and Found

Elevator in apartment blocks in Tallinn
Image via Wikipedia

I always wonder what event of the day or feeling I’m having will spark a new post. Today’s inspiration came late in the day.

I stopped off at mom’s on my way home from work to drop off some groceries since she’s going to stay in her apartment for another two weeks.

I phoned around 6:15 p.m. but there was no answer so I thought she still might be at dinner or on her way up. When I got to the elevator and saw it wasn’t working I realized mom would have to take a different elevator on the other side of the lobby and wondered if she might get lost like she did another time.

I got to her apartment and lo and behold, no mom. I also noticed her keys hanging on the key hook, so she forgot them, something she rarely does. I put her groceries away, hung up some clothes, started a clothes wash and then headed out to find her.

First of all, I didn’t realize how huge this place is. I knew it was large but it’s really big! I walked down mom’s long hallway and made a right to what seemed like an endless hallway. As I’m walking I passed by a mini gym! Who knew?!

I pass one elevator and continue walking. Then I start hearing voices, one of which was mom’s.

“Mom?” I call out.

“Oh, that’s my daughter,” I hear her say to another lady who was trying to help her find her way by the elevator that she had gotten off.

“How did you find me?” she asked in amazement. I told her I figured she was on the floor somewhere and started walking to find her.

She had actually made this journey earlier in the day when she went down to the physical therapy gym for her session but it’s not a route she’s obviously familiar with. She did tell me she had a great work out. Yay!

Then, as we’re walking back to her apartment, she said something I never thought I would hear. When I told her that the elevator will be out of service the entire week for maintenance, she said, ” Ugh, I wish I over there already!”



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