A day at at the spa-aaaaaah!

Massage in Frankfurt, Germany
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I’m all about being pampered these days, be it a pedicure, facial or massage.

Today one of my daughters, BFF and bride-to-be C., and her pregnant daughter descended on The Spa at Crescent Court thanks to a great deal we found months ago on Travelzoo. We’re all getting massages, and let me tell you — we all need it!

It was a fun day getaway before C.’s wedding next weekend, but I was quickly
brought back to reality when I got to my mom’s afterwards and saw  that she took
her evening pill this afternoon instead of her morning pills. She took pills in
the afternoon because when I called her at 4 pm, she hadn’t taken her morning
pills yet. I didn’t think I needed to specify “white pill-box” but now I know I

And then…I saw that she hadn’t taken her evening pills Thursday night
despite the aide being there. I have already had 2 lengthy phone calls with the
executive director and now there will be a third on Monday. I am beyond beyond

So much for my stress buster day.

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