Turning into a helicopter daughter and BFFs

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You’ve all heard the term helicopter parent — you know, those parents who hover over their kids and pay close attention to everything going on in their lives, particularly in an educational setting. Well, meet the helicopter daughter. My mom called me out on it today.

Like helicopter parents, helicopter daughters or sons do it out of love.

I’m usually one step ahead of my mother in anticipating her needs and when I act upon it  I usually get that “I’m not  helpless” look. Tonight she was fumbling in her pocketbook for her sunglasses so I stuck my hand in and found them. She sighed. At that point I told her, “I think I’m becoming a helicopter daughter.” When I explained what it was, she laughed and heartily agreed.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

As I drove her home tonight, my mother brought up her condition again and why/how did she get it. Again, I had no real answers but said we can talk to Dr. K, about it during her appointment later this month.  She also asked about what she could do to help keep herself from getting worse. I explained keeping mentally stimulated is so important and this is something we could also discuss with Dr. K. Another positive for moving into the AL community. I’m encouraged by these open discussions. Maybe my husband is right. Maybe I should have started having these conversations about her condition with her earlier — like last year — but certain changes that I’m seeing now were not visible then and that’s probably why.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

 I wrote about the importance of friendships in an earlier post. I am so fortunate for my BFFs. Thank you C., for helping me this weekend and for your always tasteful suggestions in the furniture placement for my mom’s new apartment to avoid giving it the “furniture storage room” look. 


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