I love my doxie(s)!

I know this blog can get a little heavy at times, after all, it’s a serious subject. That’s why I’m grateful to have Charlie, my dachshund and stress reducer.

I am a late-in-life animal lover. Growing up in an apartment in New York, my range of pets included a parade of parakeets, some turtles and goldfish.

Although plenty of friends and relatives have had dogs, having never had a dog of my own always made me a little cautious when around them. Until one day.

Dachshunds get a bad rap. People make fun on their hotdog-like body and close-to-the-ground stature, hence the term, “wiener dog.” I have to admit I was one of those such people. Until I met Joplin.

He was the second doxie of close friends of ours; my kids were at their house when Joplin came home as a little puppy.

My husband and I talked about getting a dog once we felt our three kids were old enough to accept responsibility. Don’t kid yourself. They say they’ll walk him, take care of him, etc., but we all know who takes on the bulk of the responsibility.

For various reasons, our friends asked us if we wanted to adopt him. We jumped at the chance and became the proud owners of two-year-old Joplin, a beautiful all-black dachshund. We had 15 wonderful years with “The Jopper,” as he was affectionately called. When he died, he was two weeks shy of his 17th birthday.

Joplin's last Thanksgiving, 2006.

The silence in our house was unbearable. Everyone grieves differently. For me, I sought comfort by going online and looking at available dachshunds up for adoption. There is just something about this breed…I know I’ll be a dachshund owner for life.

Four months later, Charlie found his “forever home.” We adopted him from a wonderful dachshund rescue organization, Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue.

Chocolate-brown with a smooth, hairless underbelly, his spotted dapple coat is like

Charlie Boy by Teresa Berg Photography

“buttah.” He is the most laid back doxie I’ve ever seen. He has never met a human he hasn’t liked to lick. But if you’re a stranger — watch out! He is a fierce protector, like most dachshunds. No offense to my husband, but Charlie is my “go-to” for comfort when I need snuggling and cuddling. On the flip side, I take no offense if Charlie is his “go-to” person, too. Dogs have that effect on us.

Yes, I am one of those over-the-top dog owners. And yes, I have a gallery of dachshund paraphernalia in my house, too.

Hope you enjoy some pictures of my doxie trinkets and of course, my pampered pooch!




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