Angry Talk (Comic Style)

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Today has turned into a two-post day. I’ve had to let my temper simmer down before attempting to write.

I got a phone call this afternoon from C., mom’s speech therapist, to tell me that no aide came up last night and thus, mom didn’t get her pills. Do I even have to describe the rage that came over me?

I promptly called the companion service and spoke briefly to the assistant director. After I explained the reason for my call she asked if she could quickly put me on hold to change phones because of background noise. Of course I complied but I didn’t expect to be left hanging on the phone waiting for her to get back. Instead the call went to her voicemail! I left a message.

I proceeded to leave another message for the executive director of the entire senior community. I then called the companion service back and left a message for its director. She called me back and got an earful.

I usually give the benefit of the doubt but after at least four screw ups on their part my patience has run its course. Apparently, they mixed up my instructions “no aides on the weekend” to mean “discontinue service!” After I ranted for a bit, she told me how sorry and how embarrassed she was,  blah, blah, blah.

I told her, “You should be embarrassed! I’m embarrassed for you!”

Tomorrow I tackle the community’s executive director!



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