Today’s Three C’s: Caring, Compassion and Craigslist

Souper Bowl of Caring

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It goes without saying that caring and compassionate health care professionals are so important in patient care. But unfortunately, there are patients who don’t receive it and health care professionals who don’t give it.

I’ve already written about how wonderful Dr. K. is. Mom also has a wonderful and caring speech therapist, C. Her concern and care of my mom is priceless and I’m so grateful for her.

Today was kind of a break-through. Mom was upset at today’s session. C. inquired and mom burst into tears. She verbalized that she realizes she is getting worse. Without going into details, C. calmed her down and explained how important it that she is aware of this. When mom asked C. what can she do, C. said it’s so important for her to be stimulated and get involved in activities. Hence, the real time importance of her being in Assisted Living, because this isn’t going to happen on her own.

Yes, we’re going to have that conversation this weekend. While mom is aware of the deterioration of her cognitive/reasoning abilities, she hasn’t talked to me about it. I get it. I know she doesn’t want me to worry. Too late! We’re going to have to have that conversation, too. She still talked to me tonight about not wanting aides coming up anymore for pill management. Here we go again.

On top of this, it took me all of one hour to sell my daughter’s couch and loveseat on Craigslist.

Anyone need a dining table and chairs?



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