Intuition (TNT album)

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If you have a gut feeling, a sixth sense about something, go with it. I’ve experienced this several times and so glad I acted upon each one. Wednesday night was one of them.

I’m getting ready to go out of town for a couple of days and had some last minute errands to run after work yesterday. I planned on going by my mother’s place on Thursday but was in the area Wednesday night so I went up not too long after she got back from dinner, close to 7.

I asked if she took her evening pills, if someone had come up yet. She answered yes. I commented with surprise at how early they came. I go in the kitchen to check the pill box and sure enough, Wednesday evening’s pill were gone. Great! An issue-free evening.

Five minutes later the doorbell rings. It’s the aide/companion to give mom her pills. Confusion ensues.
I again ask her if someone already came up and if she took her pills. She said no. The aide called her supervisor to relay what’s going on and I refuse to sign papers that my mother had taken her pills as well as not paying for that visit.

The only thing I could think of that happened is that when my mother didn’t want to take her pills earlier in the morning when the aide was there, that perhaps she took both sets later in the afternoon when I told her to take her morning pills. This was about 12:30. My mother said she did not take both sets of pills at that time. So, that’s that.

At least the message about my frustration of not being called by the aides if a problem arises was addressed. Taped on the counter by her pill boxes in the kitchen was a note to the aides directing them to call me if my mother refuses to take her meds, signed by the department’s assistant director. Again, I ask you, shouldn’t this be a part of their training? Shouldn’t common sense dictate that a call be made to a supervisor or a family member if a problem comes up?

Well, thankfully, finally, Thursday was an issue-free day. No problem in the morning although the aide came later than she should have, and the evening went without a hitch.

Rocky Mountains, here I come!



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