Just another manic Monday (and why Southwest Airlines is #1 in customer service)


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Overall, it was a good weekend. Monday was another story.

First, on the plus side, one of my oldest and dearest, sweetest friends became a “gramma” for the first time yesterday! Welcome to the world Miss E.A.L.!

Yesterday started off OK until I misread a trip reminder email I got from Southwest Airlines about my upcoming trip to Colorado that I confused with another SWA flight to Vegas that I had canceled two months ago. Don’t ask.

To make a long, heart palpitating-ridden story short, I called up the airline, canceled the flight and as soon as I hung up the phone I realized the error. Thank goodness I was unable to cancel my husband’s ticket because it was made with a different credit card.

Heart pounding and within seconds, I called the airline back to see if I could get my trip reinstated at the original price. Two phone calls and two supervisor queries later, I was told I couldn’t; the category that I purchased the ticket at was unavailable. Thankfully the outbound and return flights were still available but at a much higher price. Using credit from a previous cancellation plus this most recent (and mistaken cancellation) PLUS and additional $118, I repurchased my flight, but at a much higher price.

Taking the lead from a suggestion from one of my daughters to speak to a supervisor personally, I called back. Normally, I would’ve asked to personally speak to a supervisor while I was already on the phone but I think I was just so frazzled I didn’t think straight.

I explained my story once again, this time to a supervisor who gave me a customer relations number in the executive offices to call. After being on the phone for 20 minutes we got disconnected. I forgot her name.

So I called back again, and Eric in Customer Relations, you are a rock star. To make a longer story short, I got a flight credit voucher for the difference between the two flights. Crisis avoided! This is why Southwest Airlines is #1 in customer service.

So, this evening I checked on my mom to make sure someone came up to give her her night time meds. I am living the adage, “Good help is hard to find!”

According to my mother, the aide came up but refused to give my mother her pills. She said she can’t give them to her. Extreme frustration set in again. This time however, I didn’t have to go over but made sure my mother took the pills while I was on the phone with her. I’m just speechless.

So, this morning I spoke to the department to find out what the problem was. According to the aide, my mother refused to take her pills and didn’t want her there. Sigh. I was told that the aide can’t force my mother to take her pills. OK, I get that, but I specifically told them that if there ever is a problem to CALL ME! Hello people — this isn’t rocket science … or maybe it is. I mean my number is everywhere in my mother’s apartment.

Now, I know my mom is not happy having these aides there because she says she doesn’t need them. I told her I’m doing this for me, for my peace of mind, so please indulge me. Mom reluctantly agreed.

Tomorrow’s another day.


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