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Despite my frustrations and angst this week, it was a wonderful week of reunions with two very special friends. I’ve known these two women for about 47 and 27 years, respectively.
We have that special kind of friendship where we’re able to pick up where we last left off without a beat.

R. and I have been friends since our summer sleep-away camp days. While we don’t get to see much of each other we’ve stayed in touch all these years and managed visits when family events or business took me to New York. She hasn’t made it to Texas yet but it’s on her “to-do” list. Hey, I get it. Life happens.

R. and I brought each other up to date about our families, ourselves and commiserated about our mothers. Hers, sadly, passed away after a three-year courageous fight with Stage 4 colon cancer. It’s been hard on her.

While my other friend, A., lives here, busy schedules and schedule conflicts have kept us from getting together for months. But, we finally made it happen. Husbands intact, our three-hour dinner conversation plus 35 minutes of more talking outside the restaurant covering our families, jobs, politics, the economy, vacations, traveling, etc., brought us all up to date. As we always say when we leave one another, “Ok, let’s not make it another six months!” It’s never intentional. Life simply happens.

R. and A. are just two of an exceptional group of women I am proud to have as close friends. There is nothing quite like having that single close friend or a group of close friends — your choir — to rely on, get advice and support from, shed tears with and simply converse about the trials and tribulations of life. My friends are true gifts.



2 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. I love you jane, and I can’t imagine how difficult this is for you. Journaling helps puts feelings, frustrations, thoughts and action plans in one place. You are an incredible and strong woman, and I want you to know you ARE NOT alone. I am here 24/7 if you need anything. I too have fears for what will happen with my mom, different stories, nevertheless concern, fear especially of the unknown. You and I are the major caregivers, so we have more invested emotionally. Please keep me close , I can be very supportive. Love, Alicia

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