Senior Love

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Some might say love is wasted on the young. There’s even a song about it. I don’t believe that’s true for a minute. There’s nothing more wonderful than to love and to be loved, but there’s something a little bit sweeter about those in their golden years who are able to share this.

My mom and T. have something really special. They are truly in love.

Since mom moved to Texas she has visited T. a couple of times. However, I don’t think she’ll be able to make that trip anymore. But the marvels of modern technology allows them to communicate face to face via the computer. The expression on T.’s face, who is a wizard on the computer (did I mention he’s 96?), when their images popped up on the screen was priceless. Mom thought it was pretty cool as well although she doesn’t have a clue about computers, smart phones or all the technology that she feels has passed her by.

T. also writes the most beautiful love letters and has the most elegant handwriting. Both, unfortunately, are a lost art, but he has perfected both.T.’s letters are sometimes long, sometimes they’re just short snippets adorned with cute and whimsical stickers. Both convey the same message: I love you, I miss you, and I’m thinking of you. Mom has been saving these letters for three years now. One day I would love to make a book of them.



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