It’s 3:10 pm and I just got a call from Thomas, the home health nurse, who is just wonderful. Despite my morning calls and reminders, mom still didn’t take her morning pills on Monday or

Almost Hear You Sigh

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Tuesday. When I called her this morning at 11 to check up on her, she vaguely remembered what she had for breakfast and only did I get a specific response about what she ate when I gave her some choices. And of course, she hadn’t taken her pills yet so I specified to her to take her Wednesday morning pills in the kitchen, which she apparently did per Thomas.

Something else that caused a big sigh from me is that Thomas told me mom had not gotten dressed yet, which is unusual. I mean it’s three in the afternoon. I don’t know what’s going on but I do know I don’t like it. All this makes me wonder if I waited too long to actively pursue assisted living. I sure hope something opens up soon.

Mom did not have a good day today. Thomas said she seemed confused and wanted to know who gave him permission to be there. Following a second phone call I left work early to go over to her. When I got there at 4 pm, she was laying in bed. From her watery eyes I could tell she had been crying.

I asked her why she didn’t get dressed today. She responded, “Why should I? For what?”

I told her that she always gets dressed and that it would make her feel better, make her feel more human. Maybe the “human” part was a wrong choice of words because she said, “I don’t feel human.” I reassured her that she was.

Because of her increasing difficulty in expressing herself mom will make comments to me about how stupid she is. I constantly reassure her, as does her speech therapist that she is not, that she still has all the same knowledge except the retrieval of it is different now. And when she can’t get the words out she’ll give up and say, “Forget it.”

At any rate, she made it clear that she didn’t want to talk. I knew she wouldn’t make it to dinner so I went downstairs to take care of her order and spoke with one of the staff who reassured me I’ve been doing all the rights things. I brought mom some coffee since she can no longer make it herself and she drank it all up.

To break the silence I showed her some videos on my phone that one of my daughter’s sent of the house she is sharing in Houston, where she just moved. That seemed to get her talking.

Dinner arrived. I have to admit the selections to choose from were not all that appealing to me but she ate most of it.

Before I left I made sure she took her evening pills and reminded her an aide would be coming up the next morning between 11 and 11:30 to help get her going with a good breakfast and to make sure she took her morning pills.

I phoned her later in the evening. She had taken a shower and was feeling better, at least that’s what she told me.


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